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Bzzz Line™ is a 12-strand single braid that combines the softness of spun polyester with lightweight multifilament polypropylene in a rope that is easy to hold and grip, absorbs very little water, and will not kink. The unique combination of filament and spun polyester with multi-filament polypropylene makes it soft on the hand, lightweight, and buoyant. Unlike other single braids that flatten out after time or squish too much in cleats, Bzzz Line retains its round shape, allowing for better grip and ease of cleating.


  • Strong
  • Easy to grip
  • Kink-free
  • Spliceable


  • Mainsheets
  • Genoa Sheets
  • Traveler Lines



Diameter [mm] Diameter [inch] Circumference [inch] Weight [g/m] Weight [lbs/100'] min. Breaking strength [lbf] Avg. Breaking strength
7 9/32   28,3 2,0   1.750
8 5/16   37,2 2,6   3.000

Very little degradation from sunlight. Can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly.

Polyester has good resistance to most chemicals except 95% sulfuric acid and strong alkalines at boil. HMPE has good resistance to most minerals, organics, acids, and weak alkalines. HMPE also has excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agen

Polyester melts at 480°F with progressive strength loss above 300°F. HMPE melts at 300°F with progressive strength loss above 150°F.

Good resistance to the passage of electrical current. However, dirt, surface contaminants, water entrapment, and the like can significantly affect dielectric properties. Extreme caution should be exercised any time a rope is in the proximity of life circu

Recommended sheave diameter to rope diameter is 8:1.

Working Loads:
No blanket safe working load (SWL) recommendations can be made for any line because SWL's must be calculated based on application, conditions of use, and potential danger to personnel among other considerations. It is recommended that the end user establ

Splicing Instructions:
Not Spliceable


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Used For: Mainsheets, Genoa Sheets, Traveler Lines
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